About Us


When first conceived, a small group of hard working individuals formed what is now called the Gold Dust Arena Committee. The Arena was built in 2004 by rodeo enthusiasts on a piece of land leased from the Bureau of Land Management. The original facility was hand built from materials donated to, or bought by the original committee members. Today all members are volunteers who spend countless hours building, maintaining, organizing and coordinating all of the numerous aspects necessary to host large-scale events. Since its inception, the rodeo facility has undergone many changes to reflect growth of this very popular sporting facility. City water was added with bathroom facilities along with an amphitheater with stage. Future improvements planned include additional parking, lighting, and seating. The Rodeo itself is sanctioned by the Idaho Cowboys Association (ICA) and is very popular with its members, competitors, and spectators

And last but not least we cannot and must not forget several key people in our past. Jim McClure, Tim Batt, and Jim Haswell were three men who worked long and hard beside us and often lead the way to put on the Gold Dust Rodeo.  We could fill pages of the things we miss about them and not do any of them justice.  We named the arena in honor of Jim Haswell in 2010.  Also we will not forget Jacque Moore. She was a long time loyal supporter of our rodeo sponsoring the Mutton Bustin' event. Her absence is felt.

If you are interested in sponsorship of our Rodeo, more information can be found in our sponsorship packet our contacting one of our Board members.